Win/Win Shipping Program for Association

Sunriise Business Solutions was contacted by large promotional products distributor with 550 business members. Their objective was to offer their members a reduced shipping cost program while also creating an additional stream of income for the organization. We conducted an analysis of all 550 member businesses to capture shipping characteristics, package characteristics, and total spend. With that information determined, we reached out to executive contacts at UPS and FedEx with RFP parameters.

After completing the RFP process, we awarded the business to UPS and created a parent-child relationship between the Promotional Products Distributor and the member businesses. Additionally, we crafted a UPS agreement with customized rates based on the service levels, package weight ranges, and the most frequent shipping zones used by the 550 member businesses. The member businesses all enjoyed reduced shipping costs, with some reductions as high as 45%. In addition, our client received a 5% “bonus” on all shipping business (approximately $100K per year).