Supplier Relationship Optimized - Boxed up Savings

Sunriise Business Solutions was contacted by a client with a desire to reduce the costs of their consumable products. Working with the client’s accounts payable department, we identified corrugated boxes as the largest consumable products expense, equating to $10M annually. We then conducted an analysis of all departments in the organization and discovered that the client bought from five different corrugated box distributors, which added cost and complexity.

The total requirement for corrugated products was determined and Sunriise Business Solutions connected with senior contacts at two of the most prominent paper companies in the country. Sunriise facilitated an RFP with the two manufacturers, after which the client signed an agreement that was projected to save 20% ($2M annually) of their current spend. In addition to the significant savings, delivery times and product availability were improved. Lastly, we created a Just-In-Time model where the client didn’t have to stock corrugated boxes, further reducing costs.