Pandemic Operation Created, Launched, and Managed in Days

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, a large apparel client of Sunriise Business Solutions pivoted and began producing multi-layer cloth masks. With masks nearly impossible to secure, demand from retailers and the public was insatiable. A variety of companies approached our client asking for masks, and at that time our client realized it was not only a way to help battle the pandemic, but also a critical business opportunity. Some of the customers sold the masks to the public (i.e. Dollar Store, Target, etc.) and certain customers used the masks for their own employees (i.e. Starbucks, a variety of law enforcement agencies, etc.).

Each client required specific packaging and massive quantities, and with many industries shut down, automation was not an option. A manual, labor-intensive solution was needed. Within days, Sunriise Business Solutions designed a packaging process whereby the packaging could be changed with no impact on the operation. Within a week, Sunriise Business Solutions was on site to deploy the solution and stayed on site to ensure the process was working. Almost by the hour, the process was systematically improved, and output increased every day.

The client asked Sunriise Business Solutions to oversee the operation, which grew to a 24/7 operation with over 400 employees. In the end, our client was able to thrive in an incredibly difficult business climate and millions of masks were distributed to those who needed them. It was an incredible success in a very challenging time.